Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Flying High

I am a little over midway through my Shut Up & Write Meetup marathon for the week (two more to go), and I am soaring. I'm seeing lots of return faces and getting a good grip on my writing--a good enough grip that tonight I spent my session writing poetry of all things.

I just had fun with words tonight. I'm on track with all of my goals and I'm ready to take the paints and brushes and canvas and fuck around a while. Not to mention what this exercise does in stirring up new projects for me.

I'm writing this on Wednesday night to dump in the hopper on Thursday morning; the Meetup on Thursday is on the other side of the planet at 2 pm, so I pretty much have to head to that neighborhood shortly after I get up and get ready tomorrow. After the Meetup, if my body is up to it, I'm going to head to the SFMoMA for an evening of art and writing a little more in the rooftop garden, or at Westfield. We'll see.

I shall return on Tuesday. Write on.

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