Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I received a cute little comment on yesterday's post suggesting my titles for posts in this blog suck. So I went for even greater obscurity today.

This blog is mostly for my notes, and mostly for my notes as a writer. I don't try to market this one--I have two others that I market, and this one just sits here to give me a chance to talk about writing without censoring myself. So when I get the feedback that I need to improve my titles on this blog I have to snicker. Someone hasn't been reading the blog, and someone therefore doesn't know much about marketing this blog.


I'm falling into a pattern with my writing groups--I'm using the time during the sessions to freewrite on my writing projects and tune the goals. For the last week I haven't done any actual project work in the sessions, and it feels right. It actually provides me with two luxuries: meeting other writers, and spending time thinking about my writing so that I have a sharper focus for the next time I sit down with the project.

It's like I'm teaching myself my own college class...or actually seeing through a work of art.

Write on.

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