Friday, July 1, 2011


My brother is kidnapping me until July 11th, so if I'm in here at all to comment on my writing it will be a miracle. Wi-fi in the Carlsbad apartment is sketchy at best, and I may be getting entertained every day for over a week.

This strikes me as fun and a little scary. What if I forget how to write?

What if I fall out of love with writing?

I've packed lots of paper...and am hoping for time with it.

Write on...


Robin Mizell said...

I hope the Wine Spot is still in business. Check it out. (A tasting there inspired me to write. Maybe it'll have the same effect on you.)

Jo Jardin said...

*Sniff*...they closed in May of 2010. Their Facebook page has all kinds of postings from people who miss them dearly.