Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yeah, the title thing is a bit obvious, heh-heh.

One year.

On Sunday morning, as those readers who follow my Facebook so well know, there were news releases nationwide of how Charlton Heston passed away on Saturday in his home. He was 83.

Or 84.

The Chronicle, which ran an AP wire, stated 84. The New York Times saw fit to print 83 from one of their writers. I’m guessing with this story that one or both of two things is happening: someone has an unreliable internet source and/or someone isn’t staffing enough on their press desks to get reliable information. If newspapers keep paring down, then I’m guessing that just as with any other downsized operation the process starts falling apart and work gets sloppy.

Which is exactly what you want to know is emerging from the Times or the Chronicle. Or the Associated Press.

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