Thursday, April 10, 2008

Carry Each Other

Teamwork. I can’t imagine anything more rare anymore.

It’s March/April Madness on the college basketball scene, and as I step in and out of the games in the company breakroom, I know one of two things comes next for these players—the pros, or a career in something else. Occasionally we get to hear their majors, but not often; this is what made my mother crazy when her smart but uncoordinated kids had to fork over more money than the scholarshipped sports entrants.

But they learn how to work as a team, right?

Ask the Giants this as their team of young unknowns loses yet again—was there a whole lot of work done in spring training? Ask the big leagues in any sport—do they know their teammates? Hang out with them? Or, is this like my job, where every man is for himself and fuck everyone else and I am just here for a paycheck?

People would accept lower-paid jobs if they could work with a team, I’m sure. But first we have to find one. Maybe the last place it exists is college.

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