Friday, April 11, 2008

We Get To Carry Each Other

Yesterday I talked a little about teamwork, and does it look like I am anti-sports? That would be a shame if it did, since I love the play of baseball by any team and the play of hockey. But I like the physics of the game.

And I like the teamwork.

I like the way the guys slap each other’s asses when they pull off a great double-play and the way the camera catches them talking to each other in the dugout. I like to watch them pass the puck to what appears to be an empty space that suddenly materializes with a teammate who accepts it. Sometimes these guys don’t even have to look back behind them—they know the other guy has it. It’s his job.

I work with a team of people who can’t do their jobs, or don’t have time to do their jobs. There is no catch from behind. Did any of these people play sports? When I did my initial training in Seattle there was a guy in my class who played pro football at one point. Would he be disappointed with how teamwork melts off in the business sector? Or would he get to see it in action in Washington?

I can only hope that he does, but I have seen people not willing to pull their weight all over…this lack of passion in a group will contribute to our demise, if we face one soon…

We should carry each other if for no other reason than that it completes the play perfectly.

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