Wednesday, March 26, 2008

San Jose on the Water

Continuing adoration of the other City by the Bay in California (yes, San Diego has a bay too), I have to briefly touch on some of the places that I will be visiting again and again when I go back.
I won’t be moving there, at least not just yet, because I am tired of following others in my life around, but having MS and Serena there gives me a place to escape from and a family to “go home” to.
Here are the places we visited, in my crash course, the weekend I was there:
All of the piers on the oceanfront (Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Imperial Beach)
Del Mar (a personal fave for the views and the breakfast options)
Seaport Village (GREAT bookstore there…more to come on that in future posts)
Cabrillo (loved the panorama; reminded me of Moraga Hill and SF)
Gaslamp (a bit of a young crowd for my taste, but MS thinks we should go back sometime—that one was just a drive-through)
La Jolla
And at one point, since Jo doesn’t have her passport (stop looking at me like that), we drove down to the border and looked at Mexico. If Customs would have stopped we had a plan—I was to speak in broken French with Serena while MS remained mute. The Kingston Trio would have been proud.
I’ll be back. The weather is here. Wish you were beautiful.

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