Thursday, March 27, 2008

Indoor/Cafe Parks

SF put out a story last weekend about tucked-away piazzas in the City, little-known public spaces where people can pause and read, write, meet friends, eat their lunches, listen to their iPods, etc. that are mainly in the downtown area. The list was added to the things-Jo-must-do list and will join the bookstores if they are in proximity to the public spaces when I write about the bookstores.

I do have a good start on the research, with the public space at the corner of Mission and 2nd across Mission from the Red Cross offices. This space is best in the morning leading up to 11 am—after 11 the tables are packed and finding a space is nearly impossible until 1:30, and sitting on the upper level is a mistake of epic proportions if you have bundled up, as the sun comes straight through the glass and toasts you. At Christmastime they offer a wide array of musicians and elegant decorations.Surprisingly, even though this space is indoors, it’s one of my favorite places in San Francisco.

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