Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Social Equivalent of a Receding Gumline

Maybe the social interaction gap is trying to tell me something.

Maybe the message is:  start over.

Stop beating yourself up for absence, for withdrawal.

Didn't I have a shrink a couple of years back who said, "Cherish this time alone, because someday you will miss the solitude"?


Give up absence for Lent.


Lightning strikes the heart, it goes off like a gun...hat tip...C. Caillat.

Who needs a bus to the Bridge when you don't exist?  Who misses the twitter of birds who fly away when I have a sailing of gulls?  Queen Anne's Lace, or wild carrots?  Should be the former.  Let the twitter dissipate.  Give me diamonds, in a girl's best friend on a bed of green.

Write on.  Anything you want, Jo.  The world has walked away, shaking its head and tsk, tsk-ing.

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