Monday, January 30, 2012

New Life, Continued

This blog is going to be smatterings for a while...I’m lucky to get to write when I do, and this is the backdoor writing that talks of what I do with my days.
I was thinking this afternoon about prolific authors, authors that have about 60 tons of fiction, poetry, criticism, post-humous journals, etc., etc., etc., and how they got to be that way.  How did Hemingway write so many letters?  How did Woolf produce so many journals?  Lack of social networks, I suppose, and therefore no slavery to the net.  I’m rapidly losing that slavery myself--limited and poor internet access reduces me to broadcasting from a third world country about 70% of the time.  I’m starting to love it.  When I go back to good internet with an instant response time I’m going to resent the hell out of modernity.
I do miss Spotify, though.  Jo iz hongry fo new music, yo.
The food situation got a little better this week--UPS finally got their head out of their...ahem, UPS finally got their act together and delivered a care package from a friend in San Francisco.  The package contained:
  • Two cases of instant soup;
  • Three cases of different crackers spread with cheeses and peanut butter in sandwich form;
  • Two boxes of biscotti;
  • Three bags of cat treats (for Bob, bless her);
  • A pack of gum with two different flavors in it (the gum manufacturer’s current ad features a tiger in a toe trap snarling, “Do I really need to holler?”);
  • A Costco sized-box of granola bars;
  • A box of Fiber One bars (I have Crohn’s, but her heart’s in the right place);
  • A shrink-wrapped collection of six boxes of raisins;
  • Three MRE-style packets of tuna salad;
  • One round tin of chicken salad.
Considering the fact that my family will eat about half of that, I’m probably looking at that lasting about a week, but that’s a week of good eating.
Good eating is relative, people.  Yes, I used to eat better stuff than that in San Francisco, but at this point it’s the alternative to starving.  Beggars, stay away from choosers.
One more note and I’ll shut up...
I have found nothing more significant here than watch pelicans fish.  Heap big SPLASH!, then majestic tucking of the beak, then tilt up and GULP, and then, bye now, I’m off to find another unlucky fish to kick the butt and take away the birthday of.
Write on.

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