Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pablo (Not Sandoval)

Another evening out in an excellent writing day, and then went and saw the Espana at Twilight exhibit at the de Young to avoid the crowds at Picasso. I love the narrative line in the exhibits at deYoung and the SF MoMA, and they always teach me something about the artist. Yes, duh, I know that's the point, but I'm getting the hang of this new constant cultural thing, so have patience.

Tomorrow brother is in town so I'm trying to cram in all of my writing to drop in the morning--so this is going to look a little strange in the morning when I drop stuff into the internet like Santa Claus.

Maybe a pauper Santa Claus. :)

There will be writing, though--am packing my notebook for freewriting and the comp notebooks for the rough draft of the short story.

Write on.

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