Sunday, July 11, 2010

On Writing

I started a new blog specifically with a Facebook audience in mind yesterday, which was a long time in the thought process of coming. I was torn between several options:
  • Tearing down this blog and starting a new one (which might be a good idea given the continuing spamming of the Asian pimp circuit)
  • Starting a new blog with a different blog site, like Wordpress. At this point I realize that anyone who can go from Blogger to Wordpress probably should be in Mensa. I'm not at that level of savvy-ness yet, and, for the purpose of just importing the thing to Facebook anyway, probably don't necessarily need to be.
  • Just writing a note when I feel like blogging on Facebook. And that option seemed too immediate for some reason--and who wants to write a straight note, for heaven's sake? Shouldn't there be something fancy it links to?
So I sat down yesterday afternoon and knocked out a blog on Blogger in about ten minutes. Yes, I'll reap what I sow, I suppose, and, given enough time, talent, and desire to read instructions I could have killed with something fancier, but I opted against it. Learning what a networking site is for = priceless. So here's what roles mine has adopted:
  • Stories of what I love about California (blog)
  • Reviews of what movies I watch (used to be Netflix, until their app stopped working, and is now Flixter)
  • Reviews of books (Goodreads)
  • YouTube (usually of the music that I love)
  • And any news that goes to my core
That should suffice for now. This blog will remain, but not shared on Facebook--here is where I put my struggles, and, occasionally, a triumph or epiphany. And if you like that sort of thing...

Read on, dear reader.

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Anonymous said...

I've pondered moving concrete to WordPress also. I have various issues with comments (The Cast-Iron Bookworm can't leave them, for example) and I can't embed video.

But it would mean a very steep learning curve for figuring how to implement my site design under WordPress. I just can't be bothered yet. I'm too lazy.