Sunday, February 28, 2010

How I Wrote...And Now Write...and Will End Up Writing

Talk about a lesson in English tense forms. Everyone got those? Now let's move on to the verb "to eat."
Last year, after my Cal class ended and then my work injury, I didn't write much. This condition led to a New Year's resolution that I still have yet to keep--write three pages daily. What's strange about this resolution is that if you were to count the number of pages written in my journals to the number of days so far in the year, I'm over the count, not under. But I'm not writing them daily. I'm writing a whole slew of them to make up for the daily. I'm writing guilty.

However, the pages that are coming out are getting better. So here's the next steps:
  • Write daily
  • Re-read what I write

Let's add those for March. I want my words, I want pages, and I want to write exactly what I mean.

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