Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sell Me

For those of you in tune with my Facebook statuses, you learned about two weeks ago that I was to have a date today, details to follow. There will be no details. The date will not be occurring, due to a recent lack of interest by the asking party.

What's odd is that I'm relieved. The guy who asked me out is a seller for my company, and my experience with sellers is that they tend to lean toward the flaky side--there's a few competent ones (my brother is a seller for his company), but most say they will do something for you and then forget, or that they will get you information and then forget. What struck me into thinking he might be different is that he knows that the other men in my past have been shallow pricks, and he knows that I have a very low threshold for bullshit. Yet, despite all of this I saw him on Tuesday and no details were mentioned of said date, and seeing me didn't jog his memory about the date. I would have even thought he would have called me later that day--nope. Not on his priority list.

Strangely though, as I said, I'm relieved. I enjoy talking to him, and I think about him sometimes for no reason, but I was never physically attracted to the guy. And it's a relief that I can now let him go emotionally as well.

On to the next...

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