Thursday, January 21, 2010

In English

That's it.

I have to learn Spanish and Cantonese, to start with.

I experienced two breakdowns in communication today--the first one in Spanish at 5 am, when I was supposed to sync up with a systems analyst for a computer re-image with a tech from Chicago who couldn't get it together but thought it might be easier in Spanish. The other one occurred tonight when I was too tired to remember to beep the garage pass for the car at UCSF and had to pull a ticket instead. The Chinese parking attendant thought it might be best to shout at me continually louder in the English words that he knew, which is what I used to do when I lived in the Midwest with English, so I felt bad for the guy. I also felt bad for the guy that I was too tired to continue with him and told him I would take care of it, and walked away to call City Car Share.

I need to make it easier on these people.

I need to learn Spanish and Cantonese.

Maybe that should be the goal instead of childrearing.


Drive on, dear reader.

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