Wednesday, January 6, 2010

An Adjustment

Ok, this may make me some enemies.

*Deep breath.*

I have a new BlackBerry that I love, and the new BlackBerry has a new version of Facebook that I love. It's all wonderful.

*Another deep breath.*

But here's the problem...I wish I could see good stuff on Facebook, like status messages...or writings on walls...

Don't get me wrong--I am very proud of everyone who has a cafe and a farm and mob and whatever everyone belongs to. I know it's fun. But I would rather read a status message. The updates of the farms and cafes and mobs and such is like logging on to the New York Times and Examiner, maybe.

There, I said it. I'm sorry. Carry on...I'm going to play with the settings and see what I can do to filter to the good stuff. :)

(P.S.--I found it...on both the laptop and the BlackBerry. Now I can curl up with my status messages and you folks go grow and cook and kill, um, people, I guess... :/

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