Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reading, Writing, Skip the Math

Okay, Jo, it's the ever-lovin' 15th. Are we really going to average an entry every ten days?


Dust off the keyboard.

Could be worse.

I could be giving up for the year.

Thing is, I have been absorbing more than I should for a person in my thirties. LATE thirties. My advisor in college said that you spend your twenties absorbing all kinds of art, and the rest of your life creating it. I'm still absorbing art like a leaking sponge. Other things take precedent. I'm back in classes. And that is doing wonders for making it through a story. And I am discovering new music every day. I'm rediscovering old favorites in the literature department.

In the blog?

Crickets. :)

Let me come up with a topic, and then I'll talk to you.

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