Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where My Temper Takes Me

Sitting at my bedroom typing desk, simmering slowly.

I must find a way to draw lines in the sand, because I am washed away to the ocean.

It's a lesson in meditation and loss of ego.

I'll be a whole lot happier once I give up the ego thing. I'm just wondering if that means that I get shafted with my pants on at every opportunity and then have the pants stolen. It's been an awful long time since someone treated me to a random act of kindness that lifted the load on my day somewhere, and it seems like I give too many of them away to justify continuing to do them.

Or maybe I might suspend them for a while.

Let my ego go, but learn to say no where I really can't do something and not volunteering for things just to look good.

This should be a piece of cake. But it isn't, so I have to learn things the hard way.

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