Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fresh Retreats: Nancy's Cafe and L'Avenida

Two family-owned food places save my life over the course of days: one is Nancy's Cafe in San Leandro and the other is L'Avenida in my neighborhood in the Sunset.

Nancy's Cafe is located in an industrial park near my workplace--a bit of a camouflage that took me two tries to find. Nancy's has a spacious eating area, even though I have only ever seen about two tables occupied. And their sandwiches are just the right size--not so humungous that you go into a carb coma and not so small you have to wonder what you paid for. Most of the sandwiches are served on a soft and very fresh French roll, but some, like the turkey and cranberry (with a slab of stuffing on it as well) are on wheat, or the rueben on rye.

Since I'm a regular, the owner pops a free cookie on my plate as well before letting me walk away from it. They play classical music and I'm always left alone to read in peace once I have my food. Nothing fancy, but just what I need in an industrial setting.

Nancy's is located at 611 McCormick Street.

L'Avenida, a taqueria on Irving in my neighborhood, uses the freshest ingredients I have ever tasted in a taqueria outside of the Mission. I have tried Gordo's and La Fonda in my neighborhood as well, but have not been impressed. This place is small and the women behind the counter are not always friendly, but if the guy waits on me and there aren't a lot of people in there I know I am getting food that is not only good but good for me. All this, and I don't have to leave my neighborhood.

Check them out on Yelp...

More to be thankful for.

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