Monday, October 6, 2008

It Was a Palindrome

Get it? The year I graduated from high school was a palindrome. (No, not the VP candidate on roller skates.) 1991. Same forwards and backwards.

And 1991 was the last time that I saw about 99% of my classmates. So it's surreal to walk next to one of them up the slope of Powell, up to Union Square and to Cheesecake Factory, where we caught up.

Allison looked exactly like she did the last time I saw her--tall, blond, graceful--and she still laughs with me. I hope that she had as good of a time as I did. After two years in a warehouse with people who don't know me, I felt like one of those mothers with very young children who finally gets to talk to an adult. I think I leaned toward rattling on a bit too much, but it was so good to see her and to hear about her life, and we were both amazed to be in California and still be there and talking to each other EIGHTEEN years later. Eighteen years is more than a long time--it's a whole generation in itself.

Ohio to California and California back to Ohio for an evening...

A palindrome.

The same, forwards and backwards. :)

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