Saturday, September 13, 2008


So, for those of you who woke up in the past couple of days, went to refresh your podcasts, and found a pop-up box from Apple asking you if you wanted the latest iTunes version, then you probably know where I'm going here.

I do not have a Nano with Genius capabilities, so all that I can say right now is that this is the iTunes equivalent of upselling more music (as if my four days of no-two-songs-alike isn't enough ;) in my mind's eye. HOWEVER, if you have camped out in front of the Apple stores recently or checked your e-mail, you probably know that Apple has a new Nano out, one you can "shake and shuffle" to a song that is close to the song you were just listening to in terms of taste.


Isn't this going to mess up people who run and wear these things?

Just kidding. Of course I want my own personal DJ. I'm curious to see what the Genius will pick for me next. And to explore its capabilities on my POS HP laptop.

A laptop, btw, that I will gladly shake if it did any good. ;)

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