Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Found Two Other Things to Count

Not complaining about these two things...for one of them we just won't bring up the fact that I have a genetic history of cancer. And complaining wouldn't stop them from happening. So for the time being let's just add them as a side bar to the travels to and from Oakland (which shall return shortly).

  1. People who smoke at transit stops, indoors at transit stops, or in the transit vehicle itself.
  2. People who carry a drink on transit with no spill-proof lid.

Keep in mind, there was a time where the second one made culprits move away from me. One morning before work in SF the N crashed to a stop just out of the tunnel just before Folsom and Embarcadero. I was standing in one of the door spaces with a woman standing next to me who was carrying a vanilla latte. She sloshed half the hot coffee on my jacket, pants, and bag. Since that experience I carry any drinks that I take on Muni (OF WHICH YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO TAKE ANY) in spillproof containers and if anyone sits next to me with open containers I glare at them until they move off. I'm not kidding. I don't make it a secret.

And I have a plan if they don't move and I get sloshed again--I get the coffee and they will end up wearing what I didn't get on me.


Maybe. (She was lucky I wasn't wearing dry cleaning.)

Still, I see people in mass transit with cups of hot beverages, sometimes without lids. Something of interest to count! ;) I also see people standing at bus and train stations smoking. I know it's an addictive habit. I'm just saying it's a relief to count the people just the same, watch their stories. There's the people who smoke at stops outside...okay. But the ones that really interest me are the ones who smoke as they ride the escalators down into BART or smoke in the second car of the Muni light rails.

Those are the people I want to write about.

It's not green being easy. ;) Or maybe like living in France.

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