Friday, May 30, 2008

Hard to Say

Was told last night by someone that I missed that I need to "get other friends or a hobby."

You're right.

Because the person that I missed wasn't, isn't a friend if they say that. And I set my "hobby" of writing aside too much in the effort of wanting to spend time with my friends.

Hobbies I want to pursue since I was set loose by this person:
  • Sea kayaking
  • Running
  • Cooking
  • Singing
  • Meeting people
  • My DeYoung and my Legion

And that's just a warm-up.

Don't worry. I won't pester you again.

California. A reminder that I am in the land of the physically but not emotionally adventurous.

And it's probably the best place to learn how to leave people alone.


dkearns72 said...

can u name names? or at least initials?

Jo Jardin said...

As we can guess by now with my tendency to give second, third, and 400th chances, it was FG.


The same guy who mere weeks ago was sick in Oakland and I brought him soup, who got drunk and hit a highway sign and never called to let me know he was okay to get home, and the same guy who says, during sex, that "men don't like it when you tell them what to do in bed."

I would have thought he would have appreciated the clues. And I was gentle.

Too damn gentle.

Maybe he can find someone who suits him better. I wish I could. I think it would do me a world of good to find someone who starts out the conversation with "I'm so glad you called" instead of "we need to find you friends and a hobby."

To quote Brokeback, I just don't know how to quit these people. I will, it seems, endure any form of treatment.

dkearns72 said...