Thursday, May 15, 2008

The FIRST One in the United States

So you remember when I went to the Pen Fair and Sale at Flax?
The sales reps from from the various pen companies were around the pen counter, and I picked up two pens--one that was in stock from Faber Castel and one that was a brand new line from Sheaffer.
I just didn't know HOW new it was.
I had to place the Sheaffer on order and they called me Wednesday afternoon to pick it up. I managed to squeeze in 20 minutes before closing time and inquired at the pen counter. "Oh, are you Sarah?"
"The sales rep sent this...and she wanted me to tell you that you bought the first one sold in the U.S."
Not that I'm big on that sort of thing, but DAMN...I have the first one of something. I feel like it's my baby or some sort of Howard Hughes invention.
And it writes well, too. :)

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