Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Another Michael in my life...we'll call this one MG, even though he will probably only play one roll in my life.

There's a pizzeria in West Portal that I visit every Tuesday night before the sessions with my therapist. I usually get there around 5 pm and there is only one waiter at that time: MG. From the beginning he has been patient (the cuisine sometimes requires a little explanation--they blend Italian and Brazilian tastes), eager, friendly regardless of how full my mouth is (waiters tend to surprise you with a mouth full of pasta with "How is it?" and then walk away disgusted), and--dare I say it?--handsome. He seems to like my jokes, and now knows my taste. (I'm thinking next week having him suggest something--every time I get the spaghetti bolognese, and the ragu is SO good.)

I know his name and that he's a student (he had a physiology test that he was studying for last week), but so far that's it. More than anything, he is a transition out of FG, whose inconsistancy and apathy and power plays have worn out my good nature. There's no power plays with MG, no pressure for sex, and he is just pleasant, and therefore STABLE.

For now, and perhaps forever, he is nothing more than my waiter on Tuesday night, but therein lies a brief ray of sunshine.

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