Monday, March 31, 2008

The Cleanse

It wouldn’t be so bad to only have a DAY off, but when you hate your job and end up just going from bed to job to bed to job the life becomes dull on the page, so I thought that I would share some panoramas for the reader. These might be boring, too, but they are better than hearing me whine about work.
You know that’s true, dear reader.
So here’s some of them:
My therapy is in West Portal. When I walk afterward out onto 14th Avenue, I look down on an amazing world of mist, pale homes bunched in the seams of hills, and usually some sky aflame at the end of the day.
There’s a mural at the end of the tunnel at Church on the N Line that swells my heart. You can only see it coming out of the tunnel and into daylight. The mural gives a magic carpet ride of San Francisco from Bay to breakers. A painted snake turns into a mountain bike trail. The Haight is clean and colorful.
If I get stuck at work so late that I am walking out in the dark, there’s always the bright freshness of the Coca-Cola and Yahoo signs as you head from 6th Street east.
The journey continues…

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