Sunday, November 25, 2007

She Sounds So Different On the Phone...I Just Sink Like A Stone...

Back in the bay...

There's a controversial thread worming its way over at DK's post tonight that made me think of the David Gray "Hospital Food":



Just a humorous note, so that there's "somethin' for the pain"...(Yeah, that song is lodged in there now...)...maybe people will enjoy this, maybe not, but I have made people laugh with it before.

When I was working for Bass Pro Shops on their phone bank in Missouri I was there for a 6 pm to 2:30 am shift. Keep in mind that 90-some percent of my callers were male, and straight. (Or at least they thought they were...okay, that's a whole other post.) On every order call we had to offer two "companion" products, or "upsell" items--the sporting goods equivalent of "Do you want fries with that?" I could never figure out why my sales went up the closer I got to the end of my shift; I was hoping that by figuring it out I could sell the entire duration of my shift and increase my paycheck.

If you ever talk to men who know me and who aren't my brother or father they will tell you that I have one hell of a phone voice at all times, and a pretty good laugh to go with it. Neat trick about my voice, though, it that the more fatigued I am the deeper my voice goes.

In other words, by 2:30 am it was "1-900-Fishing Tackle" for Jo. I was getting guys excited about more than just spinners.

"Tell me somethin'
Tell me somethin'
I don't already know"

Wednesday of last week one of the other branches at work called me on speakerphone--four guys wanting to know the answer to something. I gave them the answer and then talked to one of them later on the phone (but not on speakerphone). I asked him, "You guys all sounded like you were grinning...did I say something funny?"

"No," he responded, "you just sound REALLY good on the phone."

"Ah," I said. Excited again...naturally.

"You've been there before
You've basked in the glow
You've stood in the roar
You've tasted the snow..."

So I guess it's a good thing for everyone else if I am on the phone. I got Gary, FG and SG with phone conversations. I keep customers happy with phone conversations.

Someday I would just love to be engaged by it as much as my audience is.

A voice for radio...heh heh...

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