Sunday, October 7, 2007

Settled On One Point

After searching for three years, two months, and twenty-nine days, I have a found a coffee on par with that of the Mudhouse in Springfield, Missouri: Philz' Coffee on Berry.

You must go.

You MUST go.

It ain't the ambiance...they decorate the place like a Santa Cruz coffee shop or a Pottery Barn. It's the coffee. You must taste the coffee.

For, I tell you, all God's little children, they make each cup fresh as you order. That, and they have about fifty flavors of coffee. And they add the cream and sugar if you want it. And a mint leaf on top. And I am babbling and I DON'T CARE...I haven't been this in love in a while.

That, and next door to the library and two doors down from the willow trees. So I am pretty much sold.

So smooth, so rich, so well-brewed...God loves me today.

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