Friday, October 5, 2007

I Could Hide Out Under There...

Aaahhhhhh....made ya say it....

Don't mess with a Barenaked Ladies fan.


I was thinking of that song last night, as I rode home on the N...I was just passing the pink light on Cupid's Span and felt a longing for colored leaves. Deep breath later, I remembered that this is a land of harvest moons. The City hath no frost on the pumpkin. (The South Bay had frost once, long ago in 2004. I kicked myself for tossing the ice scraper for my car.)

Not a great week, so I didn't write much. (This thing is meant to be positive.) What I mean to say is that I didn't write much in here--I managed to keep up in my journal every day except today, and I'll make that up (and then some) tomorrow. I'm really having fun with playing with the Galway Kinnell poem, first in the Yukon, then in Hawaii. The creative writing as opposed to the ruminations makes me feel like I'm growing into something precious--a child inheriting her mother's ring.

More to come, pinky swear...

Selah and sleep well.

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