Sunday, October 14, 2007


Like the tasty equivalent of a Red-Eye or wasabi, I am sucking down a tall, cold one, an original ColdBuster from Jamba Juice, trying to beat a nasty cold. If it doesn't let up by the mornin' I'll whip out the heavy medication...Sudafed!

Anyway, had to miss the kids today because I was too sick...sigh...the things we give up. I would love to give up work tomorrow, too.

But we know that's not allowed.


We know what's easy won't always work. Or, it may work for the short-term, and then REALLY mess things up for the long-term. There's at least four things I could do right now and backslide into the neediness again, especially when I am sick, but I feel so much better knowing that I'm not leaning on something that will suck from me after it's established that I am sick.

Robin was right.

I'm getting to the point where alone feels better.


Occasional Guest Blogger said...

I'm afraid to be reminded what I said. "Be careful what you wish for?" The warning applies to just about everything. What a cynic I am. (laughing)

Jo Jardin said...

Eh, no. It was more along the lines of how you enjoyed being alone sometimes, because you could think more clearly. I was scared senseless of it.

Now I am not only secure in it, but I am enjoying getting to know myself again.


Occasional Guest Blogger said...

That's good to hear. Yeah, love the one you're with, especially if she's yourself. (smiling)