Sunday, August 21, 2011


This week promises to be hella busy...and I'm looking at another week in Carlsbad next week, so just a few notes of things I'm working on:
  • Two short stories, and trying to get the UC Berkeley ones from 2009 typed in
  • The novel that won't go away (Looks like I have to write the damn thing to get rid of it)
  • The writings for the 826 Valencia 8/26 day (looking forward to this assignment :))
  • Applying at all of the temp agencies in town
Had some writing breakthroughs over the weekend with journaling, which is an activity I don't get to do much beyond the three "morning pages" that I drag myself through in the mornings. Wrote up a punishment of expletives on Saturday morning that would probably make my mother blush but my grandmother on my dad's side proud. It gets easier--the walls just get thicker the closer you are to where you need to be.

Write on.

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