Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Following Footsteps

I've been stepping in the footprints of my teacher in the last month. In Carlsbad I followed her Mill Valley retreat by reading in a cafe in the morning and then writing in a library for much of the day. I'm signed up for a fundraiser that allows me to write for others and donate to education, much like my teacher's "poem booths" of the past. And I facilitate writers' groups to inspire participants to write, in much of my teacher's style--just pick up the pen and write, without stopping or thinking, for an hour.

This is a safe place to work from for now...but at what point do I find my own path and stop stepping in her footprints?

It doesn't matter at the moment. This method is keeping my pen moving. When I need to take a different path, the path will present itself.

My teacher taught me that.

Write on.

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