Monday, July 25, 2011


I get tired of constantly starting over. It makes it hard to hone the sword.

Two weeks ago I spent a week in Carlsbad, which kept me away from most of my writing for that week, and then last week my dad was in the hospital, so even though I had time I felt I shouldn't be writing...

And Tuesday my brother is coming to the South Bay to stay through Friday. So I have to pre-write Tuesday's blogs and then drop them in the morning on Tuesday before I take off, taking me out of the loop on the blogs for the day AGAIN...

Hemingway used to say something about how no one will disturb you writing, but you have to set that up. My teacher Natalie Goldberg talked about making time for writing regardless, so that if an atom bomb goes off while you are writing, then, dammit, you'll go out writing.

THAT'S where I want to be. Going out writing when the atom bomb comes.

Oh, and I found out last Thursday how much I missed free-writing. Have to work that back into the schedule that I can't keep somehow.

It will improve. Without me having to be stubborn or cruel. If I can find a book lost in the environmental city, I can find writing again.

Write on.

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