Thursday, July 28, 2011


Ernest Hemingway was injured in WW I, which gave him more than just a creative advantage--he had to stand up to write.

I could take a lesson from him. It's actually healthier for those with sedentary careers to get up several times during the course of the day and walk, or, if they prefer, work standing up for periods of the day. So I'm taking a tip from Hemingway at the moment and typing on my jewelry box. It's sturdy, it's a perfect height, and I need a reminder of good posture over the course of my day.

I don't need to lose weight. I need to feel better. Period.


I belong to a group on Facebook called Writers on the Move, started by writer Christina Katz. So far most of my time in the group has been spent offering a thought here and there, reading the updates, but not doing much. I think by doing this I'm throwing away a gift horse.

I need to be more mindful when I read these posts in this group. This is about the only way that I can identify with Christina other than being a writer--I was recommended to her a few months back, but so much of her stuff is about motherhood it kind of got in the way of finding a kindred spirit. With the fitness AND the writing, however, I feel more of that kinship, and less of wanting to be a mother when I can't by one more networking center. It works, for now. I hope it keeps working, and while I don't skip the entries from the group about how the children are holding up the workout and the writing goals, I do give them the same amount of weight as my challenges. I'd like to think that's progress.

Write on...

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