Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Here's a note to say that if you're debating something, take a chance.

I was published twice today on one article. Once by me, and once by a bookstore who loved my post announcing a slightly quirky event that will occur on Friday.

And people LIKE the article. Like, Sally-Field-like the article. Holy reaching the reader, Batman.

Strangers like my article. And Booksmith shouted out the article to my employers on Facebook, so now I've kudos. TWICE.

Cue "Song 2" by Blur. The Giants' biggest fan just hit a personal home run. Ever try not to scream from your bedroom at 10:30 at night? (Uh, don't answer that.)

Ok, time to shut up now, Jo. Celebrate in the morning.

Write on.

1 comment:

Jo Jardin said...

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention.

I wasn't going to write this Examiner post today.

:) Glad I changed my mind.