Saturday, June 19, 2010


I woke up this morning and wrapped music around my bicep.
I wrapped music around my bicep and shouldered my laundry bag.
I shouldered the laundry bag and dropped it off at the cleaners. I walked down the hill at a stagger that only gravity creates. I stopped by the bagel chain and picked up an egg and ham sandwich, which I took with me to the park at a clip. I listened to Toto sing "Africa." After eating the sandwich at the Music Concourse I stood by the evergreens and looked west.
And then I ran to the ocean. My blood burned. My blood burned and I ran out of breath and stopped to walk and gain it, then ran again, gained breath, ran again...

I didn't run this morning for the physicality of it, to get my body beautiful. I ran this morning to focus on ME. ME. I couldn't focus on anyone else, not fighting for air.

And it shone in my face...the whole day.

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