Friday, January 1, 2010

Daily Devotionals, 1994 vs 2010

When I was living in Missouri and getting my Associate's degree, my mother made me a gift of the green-covered devotional you see in this post, while she had the pink-covered version herself. My mother and I were partners in self-help, constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves via someone else's secret formula.

What I've found in the years since my mother has passed, though, is that all self-help isn't that bad, as long as it isn't seen as the be-all, end-all of solutions. There are things from this daybook that can bring me back to life from some pretty industrial/metro settings, even if every word isn't necessarily gospel. (In fact, recently I got some great stuff from the opening chapter of "The Lovely Bones," which I am re-reading in light of the release of the movie.)

My mother and I used to be part of a herd in Simple Abundance. Now I have the thread made from the wool, and am weaving it into the other threads.

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