Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You Deserve a Break, Today

Ah, the status message. You can tack it in a tirade in Twitter, or you can lay out the single like a lap-dance bill on Facebook.

I'm taking a break from the Facebook one, one damn day at a time. My Facebook tends to want to be funny, "smart-alecky" as Mom would call it, or, as my last boss would call it, using humor as a weapon. With my single light saber, Darth, I fend off the Dark Side, the side of barefoot pregnancies and one line bumper-sticker causes. I wanted to be FUNNY half for myself and half for the sake of the reader--you want to read about someone doing laundry or do you want to read about someone's thoughts on Simon & Garfunkel? Or stealing from Simon & Garfunkel? I like the everyday God's details, but I find it hard to write that for my status...I feel like I'm whining. (I don't feel like other people are whining, but I feel like I am whining. I get the really HIGH standard...) So I try to find something funny to say.

But, as with my other writing, I have to wonder if people laugh when they read it, or just get annoyed. "Damn her freakin' intellect--I don't get it." I imagine my mother reading it and shaking her head.

So the readers get a break. You don't have to look at the freakish old maid picture and I'm trying not to post a status.

And THAT'S what I'm doing right now.

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