Monday, January 26, 2009


There are some lists going around a circle of friends of mine on Facebook, a list that kind of reminds me of NPR's This I Believe or Oprah's What I Know For Sure, only longer. Ladies, here's my answer (and gentlemen may read too):
  1. I am 36 years old, and I would kill to have my mother tuck me in one more time.
  2. When I eat a slice of pie, I eat the crust first, 'cause I like it least but don't want to waste the crust.
  3. My brother is my best friend, whether he always knows it or not.
  4. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be where I find my true love. Here's hoping he's a cowboy.
  5. My favorite cocktail is the Mojito. 'Nough said.
  6. I prefer dark over milk chocolate, and white chocolate is a joke.
  7. My name means, in order, "Princess," "God's Increase," "One Who Lives In a Castle."
  8. If I were stranded on a deserted island, the only music I would want with me is Springsteen.
  9. Before I die, I want to see the snows of Kilimanjaro, Paris, Florence, Alaska, Tibet, and Spain.
  10. I only get carsick if a woman is driving.
  11. When people ask me where I'm from, I still slip and say the Show Me state. (Missouri.)
  12. I don't ask men out. Anymore.
  13. I am fantastic at karoke, particularly the song "One" by U2 or "All That Jazz" from Chicago.
  14. I don't own a car.
  15. I don't own a house.
  16. I do own a vibrator.
  17. I have swam with sharks.
  18. I can do everything in the kitchen but can my own fruits and veggies. Pressure cookers frighten me.
  19. I have John Denver, John Mayer, and the Butthole Surfers on my iPod. They aren't my first choice, but they are there.
  20. I have TMJ. Puts a bit of a damper on my love-life, when I have one.
  21. My favorite color is aquamarine.
  22. I love the works of Bruce Willis, Mark Twain, David Gray, and Robert Redford.
  23. I'm single but not gay. Trust me, it would be easier in San Francisco if I was.
  24. My eyes change color from green to blue depending on what I wear.
  25. God, I will always love words.

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