Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Only Life After All

Listening to the Indigo Girls this morning, still in my comfy pj's, empty cereal bowl by the bed, the heater roaring. Shortly I will get up and do dishes, dress, climb Moraga, maybe take the blank book with me and write up there...

Since I still had time off, for the next 48 hours, I caught up on everyone's blogs for a few weeks. One was informative, one made me laugh my ass off (thank you Cake Wrecks; never anything heavy there), and the rest laid out the bad news in one topic or another like a prom formal on the bed. Yeah, that's pretty. Can you get it in anything but blue, though?

Not that I haven't felt the blues recently...last night I soaked in the tub for 45 minutes hoping it might help the headache. The headache is probably tension and I won't frickin' admit it, trying all kinds of natural remedies before finally taking ibuprofen at 11 pm last night. It's back again this morning and I am hydrating. SO MUCH I WANT TO DO AND THE VACATION IS OVER, DAMMIT. But still...

There's Jack Johnson on the player. There's tea. I got to sleep in. The sun's out. Yeah, but... Screw your yeah, buts today. I have books. I have ibuprofen if the hydration thing doesn't work today. I have the air that I breathe.

Pretty difficult to be an optimist in this room.

Also, I feel that I am addicted to Facebook. Damn status messages and photos and new apps and such. I have quick links to all the major newspapers of interest at the top of my browser page. SO MUCH STUFF TO CHECK. This is a full-time job. But I could miss something, right?

I'm going to have to miss something, or my life will all belong to the following of everything else.

So I have books and I'm taking an hour's rest from Facebook and I have water.

A good place to start this lazy, sunny Saturday morning in 2009.

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