Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fruitvale. Read Instructions Before Panicking.

Dear reader,

In case you don't live in the Bay Area, please type the word BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) in a Google News search and skim what's happening in the last couple of weeks. I'll wait while you take a look.

Now, know this.

I take one of the lines that goes through Fruitvale and stops at another Oakland station going to and coming from work. I go back to work on Monday. As you can see from tonight's news, you know that at some point I run a pretty big risk.

This post isn't meant as alarmist. I just want to say a couple of things, just in case something happens that I can't get out of:
  • I loved my family.
  • I loved my friends.
  • I loved rhubarb, kayaks, thick soups and dark chocolate, and anything Springsteen.
  • I wish you all well.

NOW, we can go on living our lives and not live in fear, right?

Oh, and did I mention that I have a guardian angel and her name is Nancy and SHE KICKS CELESTIAL ASS?



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