Sunday, January 11, 2009

'Faced, Or How I Met My "Family"

I've got a problem.

It's called Facebook.


When I lived in Missouri and first lived here in California in Sunnyvale with my brother, I was devoted to the television show "The West Wing." My brother jokingly used to refer to it as my "family," as though I were one of those blue-haired women with six cats who wouldn't miss a night of "Dynasty." In my opinion, it's still the best written show on television (in syndication, of course), followed at a close second by episodes of M*A*S*H. Those are timeless as well.

But they ended that series and here I am with a collection of DVDs and a striking need for a storyline.

With Facebook, I have about 20 of them. Some of them lie dormant for weeks, months. Others update daily. One updates about every 4 hours.

It's starting to take over.

Not that I don't want to keep up with my friends. Some of these people I haven't seen or heard from in nearly 20 years. Others I have never met but would love to. But checking in four times a day to see if someone sneezed, took the dog out, etc. is a bit excessive of me.

I'm tuning into someone else's life. Or, TURNING into someone else's life.

Folks, if I don't keep up with Facebook after tomorrow as I did before, know this--I've been keeping up in a pretty concentrated measure for a while now. I will tune in again. Just not four times a day.

Maybe...once a week. Like when "Dynasty" is on, or I have re-color my hair. ;)

Network well, dear reader.

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