Saturday, December 13, 2008

School Days - References, Anyone?

Just a quick poll of readers...

I know that I haven't produced much lately, but I'm assessing my support center for a moment, and pleading your patience...

I am looking to go back to graduate school, or, at least, exploring the possibility as a life transition. I'm thinking mostly of one of two possible paths right now:
  • Gain MFA in Writing from USF and then move on to PhD program at Stanford, which won't have an open English program until 2011
  • Gain MFA in Writing from USF and then move on to PhD program at UC Berkeley

BTW, I still have to go through all of the hoops. This is just a passion I'm shaping. I want to teach and I want to write. These paths seem closer to the passion than working where I do now.

Second part to this is that for ANY program I'm thinking about applying for is that I need three letters of recommendation. Any volunteers? No pressure, scout's honor. If you would like to write a letter I need a defense of why I would thrive in a writing program--why I should be allowed in.

Again, no pressure. If you can, MUCH MUCH appreciation. If you don't feel comfortable, I understand.

One of my Christmas go back into a world of knowledge that I love.