Thursday, December 25, 2008


The holidays...a work schedule from hell...and Jo missed a couple of days again. But apparently I'm not the only girl "failing" occasionally here and there.

I'm not always a fan of Oprah. In fact, in my last blog with Yahoo there were at least two or three times where I ripped her a new one for her sometimes sensationalist behavior with the book club. But I will say this for her--she knows how to employ the best talent to come up with wonderful and inspiring topics for her magazine. I know that she oversees said magazine and that she probably has a pretty strong hand in it, but she does let her contributors be themselves, no matter how edgy they get. (Okay, we don't know this for SURE, I guess, but everyone's writing voice sounds different.) I'm not a big fan of Oprah's show, but this is the same problem I have with Rachel Ray--I love her magazine but can barely stomach the on-air personality.

The cover of this month's Oprah magazine looks like what you see on the left, and in the magazine she talks about how she gained weight, again. Every woman knows that pain--I have only lost a significant amount of weight twice in the last ten years: once when my mother was sick and once after Gary. I know my body well enough to know that I can't diet. Any efforts that I have made to diet in the past feel like punishment. The best approach, for me personally, is to slow way down and enjoy my food and work toward HEALTH, not SVELT. I have never tried to fit into "that dress" or "those jeans." If they don't fit I don't buy them, and if I already bought them and they don't fit, then I eventually get rid of them. I don't lose weight for the sake of fashion. I lose weight because I'm either a) depressed to an extreme, or b) striving to FEEL better.

I'm mildly depressed at this space and time, but mostly because of career. I'm not with anyone right now and sort of enjoy that, my brother and sis-in-love are in good health, and I have good enough health. But I could feel better. I could write more substantial work. When I chose the option of persuing grad school, it was because I missed school AND I felt I could be a better writer.

Oprah is starting a program for us all in 2009 entitled "Best Life Week," in which she sort of puts a kinder and gentler spin on New Year's resolutions. I may tune in on-line. I'll have more free time then--I'm starting 2009 off with a vacation and Blog 365 will wrap up for me--and I want to live better too in any way that I can learn. The important thing, though, will be to allow fulfillment in my life.

It's been a draining 2008. For all of us.

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