Sunday, December 21, 2008


Heap big accomplishment of the day: learning how to sync a BlackBerry. I've had the damn thing for 8 months and finally sync-ed it.

I also caught up on journaling and my podcasts, but I found something out the hard way--the more and more worn out I get, the more distracted I am by less noise. Sat here this afternoon listening to my neighbors talk to each other and wonder just how thin the floor was, for pete's sake. I am definitely tense and wired and exhausted, and there are two more weeks of this stupid nonsense at work, and I'm getting snappish.

All this, and I'm stumped on what to venture out for to have as dinner. If a girl's going to go out in rain with no car, she better have inspiration.

Nearly over, Jo. Just hang in there.

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