Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ghosts of Christmas's Past

All is quiet. The relatives have left, I have cleaned up, had breakfast, finished the first season of "Pushing Daisies" that was given to me against the rules, and am now resting on the couch and watching PBS's yearly traditional repeat of Christmastime in Yellowstone, something that I would dearly love to try someday. The sky outside in my City and over the ocean is gray, there's the very slightest of breezes, and the apartment smells faintly of ant menthol.

Had a good weekend with the brother and sis-in-love...Christmas Day was a big breakfast, Philz in the Mission, Half Moon Bay to see mavericks, and then back to North Beach for Christmas Dinner a la garlic. Friday I had to go to work briefly, and then came home and prepped for the weekend...and Saturday was a trip through the Park, and then a day of cooking.

Quiet, and in preparation for whatever comes next for our family.

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