Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Suspension...H2O, Part the Second

Another day of breath and FOCUS (still whispered in my ear) and tonight mojitos at a Japanese restaurant...

Yeah, that didn't look right.

But this is CALIFORNIA, my friends, land of the upside-down logic. Focusing can be even more difficult here. That's why occasionally sushi and rum do mix.


I am re-reading Elizabeth Gilbert's "Eat, Pray, Love," primarily for its soothing properties. There's also the travel focus of the book; I am a complete goof over travel books. And then there's the language.

Gilbert is studying Italian in this memoir, which has always been a melodious language to me. I could sit in cafes in North Beach for whole days listening to the Italians read me the Yellow Pages if they wished. I love walking in a cafe like Greco or Trieste and walking up to the soft wood of the worn counter and the staff calling me bella. It's remarkable to believe that an Italian would think German features beautiful, but the word at least is endearing. Bella. Bella, bella, bella. It's like a trip of air on the teeth and tongue.

More to come in our adventures...

Ciao, bella.

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