Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 29th, aka New Year's Eve


Perhaps some of you remember last week when I was awake for 50 hours straight working.

This evening, my boss discovered a bed that someone had constructed in the bulk racking from product and company boxes taped together with bubble-packing and packing wrap.

I was awake for 50 hours, while one of my employees had found a quiet corner to curl up in and sleep on company time. A place that I now call the Rat Trap.

Jo learns again and again how to let anger go.


One way to let it go is to meet with other writers and produce words. I am SO lucky for this opportunity, since I missed last week it gets easier to discover that. So wonderful to be back where I belong.

And I pity the guy with the bed. Not because he'll be fired. But because he chooses theft instead of life.

Sleep well, dear reader. Meantime, I'm celebrating one more day of 35 with letting go of anger.

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