Sunday, September 21, 2008

WRONG...But Intriguing

Yesterday at work we were listening to KFOG, and they played one of my favorite Stones song.

In fact, it's the only Stones song I like.

I'm picky about the Stones and the Beach Boys. There's very little of either artist that I like. In an earlier post I mentioned that the only songs I liked by the Beach Boys were "Gold Only Knows," which is happy enough, and "Sloop John B," which many tote as a drug song. (Maybe it is, but it annoys me when people get that sanctimonious "You know, that was a DRUG song," like they do for songs like "Bridge Over Troubled Water" when it takes some six degrees of separation to make that connection.)

So this morning I was updating the podcasts and thought, how about I put that Stones song on there? I dropped a few more tunes on the 'Pod as well, but...

You're probably wondering what the tune is.

For a feminist, it would be the worst possible song I could pick. But it probably explains my choices in men.

"It comes down to me...the way she talks when she's spoken to...under my thumb..."

Can't help it. I just say it's the music and not lyrics, but deep down there's a surface level appeal to the lyrics. Not one with lasting application to me (I eventually get bored with these men because they aren't present in the relationship--they're just in it for power), but one with initial appeal...

To soothe my conscience, I equalized it with John Mayer's "Daughters". ;)

Other tunes loaded this morning:
  • A concert version of "Free Falling" covered by John Mayer
  • "Say" by John Mayer

Listen and enjoy, dear reader.

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