Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thoughts On a Reel

The Chronicle is running a piece tonight on what movies not to watch on first dates. The general consensus among the comments is that you shouldn't see a movie on the first date if you plan on getting to know them, but there were a variety of suggestions for movie dates in general. Got me to thinking about all my dating escapades:
  • First movie date ever: "Batman," with a blind date with the uncle of a guy in my class in high school (don't go there--the uncle was 19).
  • Saw "Four Brothers" with Gary--and didn't realize until halfway through the film that I was watching a bad version of "The Sons of Katie Elder" with a man who wasn't going to kiss me. He did hold the door open for me, though...rare sign of manners for him.
  • Saw "Get Smart" with FG. I paid for the movie and he paid for the bottled water--and threw a fit about it.

Any great movie-date stories out there? Floor's open for discussion...

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